Recent Chatgenie extension reviews : Page 659

  • 29.4.2016

    Really convenient. Works perfectly inside of Gmail. I enjoy the thoughtful touches, e.g., typing a shortcut trigger with initial- or all-caps and having the insertion match the case.

  • 17.4.2016

    Наконец-то в этой помойке нашел такое чудесное расширение. Очень нравится. Если бы ещё работало прямиком в омнибоксе без спец. команды - вообще космос был бы. Но это уже не проблема раширения, а проблема хрома.

  • 23.3.2016

    So far it works well for every text snippet I have added. My fingers are so happy and less tired typing in abbreviations for words and phrases I type a lot.

  • 29.2.2016

    nice to have update on it ^^ i am using it and highly depend on as mac text replacement not supporting this browser, so this is a must for me! thc u and sometime i use web whatsapp or other messaging app i type shortcut and the text expanded as normal however, when i push enter to send out, the “shortcut” will send out to the message box instead of the text i needed i elimiate the problem by adding few more space after text expand :D this may be a minor problem, if you have time, you may consider to fix it cheer

  • 24.2.2016

    this is great free little tools :D sometime the text won;t pop up but sometime do, i am not sure the problem from, if the author could make an update, that’s really lovely! anyway, big thx

  • 5.1.2016

    Have been using this for my personal emails for quite some time, now have been able to integrate this with my work life. Recent update to OWA is perfect. Carlin is doing some magical things under the bonnet. Solid effort!

  • 4.1.2016

    Its great plugin indeed. A must for my workflow. One feature suggestion: Ability to add random text for a specific shortcut, for example, a shortcut “foo” has assigned “bar”, “baz”, “qux”, and so on… Whenever I enter “foo” any of these (bar,baz,qux) will appear. Thanks for your consideration.

  • 1.1.2016

    Excelente não encontrei em local algum algo do genero, completa todos os textos que você crie abreviações, basta criar a abr escrever o texto e clicar em backup show de bola.

  • 7.11.2015

    works! what a time saver. Edit: your omnibox instructions in the ‘useful tips’ has the magic word ‘ate’ deleted. I had to look through your github to figure out what was wrong. For those wondering how to use the omnibox feature: Omnibox (url address bar) now supported! Type ‘ate’ into the url address bar and hit the Tab key to activate! Then type your regular shortcuts to get live expanded suggestions.

  • 16.10.2015

    Where have I been? Amazing time saving app for google chrome users. It allows you to associate frequently used phrases into shortcuts. Completely customize, use offline, HTML5. Simply simple.