Recent Chatgenie extension reviews : Page 660

  • 24.9.2015

    Used to work just fine, now it won’t work at all in some places!!! Works in google docs, gmail, wordpress backend, but not in some places where I write code, such as the file editor for my sftp app… Maybe needs updating? I did have several recent updates of Chrome… Acer chromebook, Version 45.0.2454.98 (64-bit) Platform 7262.57.0 (Official Build) stable-channel peppy Firmware Google_Peppy.4389.93.0

  • 24.9.2015

    Very useful. You read many articles and rarely revisit them because you have to re-read them. Now you can immediately find what you thought was important before. On top of that, you can share your highlights with others.

  • 18.9.2015

    Best app among all. I can highlight easily and the best thing is that the highlighted pages are saved automatically on cloud. I would suggest, please allow more colors to highlight. Presently you provide only 3 colors, so make it more.

  • 9.8.2015

    Where has this been all my life, using it since yesterday. Can’t say I’m pushing it hard at the moment, just simple stuff like Date and email, but gr8 d8 P.S. Funny date macro won’t work in this field ;< ) P.P.S. Just found the “Convert to HTML” feature, don’t know if it was always there, but will use it soon, always getting better.

  • 20.7.2015

    After a small hiccup when I initially started using it, it has turned out to be fabulous. In my office environment I’m constantly writing email responses with the same verbiage, so this has saved me a lot of typing.

  • 17.7.2015

    This is an amazing extension! I love it so much!! I use to use a windows application called Shortkeys 5 Lite, but without buying the full version, I got a very limited amount of features and only 15 shortcuts. I’m glad to see you making this for Chrome :D

  • 18.6.2015

    This extension is absolutely invaluable for those of us that work within web browsers. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for creating such a seriously useful product.

  • 24.5.2015

    Great extension-probably the biggest time-saver of the 60+ active extensions in use on my computer. A few minor bugs rear their ugly heads every now and then, but deserves AT LEAST 5 stars for its time saving properties. The developer should get to work on an app for Windows, one that can be used on ALL browsers! GREAT JOB!

  • 15.4.2015

    Really fantastic tool. Sometimes the extension laggs a little and shortcuts do not appear but I think that’s just because you have to type the shortcut quite quickly. Highly recommended A+++++

  • 10.4.2015

    Absolutely fantastic, for simple things like easy insertion of emoji/unicode, or complex tasks like signatures or email addresses with live-shortcodes. Amazing, fast, awesome.