Recent Chatgenie extension reviews : Page 661

  • 2.4.2015

    Excelente. Estava procurando há muito tempo. O popchrome deixou de funcionar e eu estava “na mão”. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores.

  • 25.3.2015

    Latest update for WYSIWYG gmail support is incredible – have been waiting for this to be fixed but with this update it just became my favorite app.

  • 25.3.2015

    Incredible extension with the best developer in the business. Responded and fixed a problem in the same day. Thanks, Carlin - Keep up the GREAT work!

  • 5.3.2015

    I love this feature, but my latest edition is really glitchy… adding extra letters or duplicating the shortcut. Help!

  • 26.2.2015

    Love it. Although, after recently updating to the latest version of this extension, my ‘v’ key was configured to populate ‘1.7.0’ and took me a little bit of poking around to figure out what was causing that.

  • 21.2.2015

    This is an amazing tool that greatly helps me with my job on a daily basis. I appreciate that this is free to use. Thanks and keep up the good work dev(s)!

  • 19.2.2015

    OH my gosh, I seriously can’t believe I’ve lived this long without using this extension. Who needs a Gmail canned response when you’ve got these shortcuts?!

  • 12.2.2015

    I’m using txt Auto Text Expander to insert my various contact infos and end of email greetings varying by politeness and language. A huge time saver! Define the shortcut, for example, “br,” expand to “Best regards, Name” in an instant. Several lines are possible. Add auto text for your work address, your private address as desired. Great. Previously, I did this using the Gmail labs extension “Canned Responses” but it’s slow because you have to take your fingers off the keys, open the menu, and select the auto text. Just a few seconds more but it really adds up if you write a couple dozen emails or more a day. I haven’t spotted any bugs worth mentioning. The only thing that I have seen so far, was that a multi-line expanded text stayed red in the TxT options window after saving, despite working just fine. Not significant. Overall, very recommendable for the efficiency aficionados and people who write too many emails.

  • 10.2.2015

    Had this for about 6 months now and although there have been a few teething problems. The updates are coming out swiftly. The developers reply to feedback and issues in a few days which is magical if you use this application religiously. Great work Carlin, continue the great work! Edit - Latest update (HTML converter) works like clockwork! This makes working with multiple email signatures such a breeze and S#!ts all over canned responses. Wish I could rate this 6 stars! You’re killing it mate! Edit2 - Work is moving back to Microsoft products and this doesn’t work with the Outlook web app. Carlin, if you can work your magic with this I’ll buy you a beer - Serious!

  • 6.2.2015

    I actually wanted to develop this kind of extension, just searched if it is already available and found this and it is perfect!