Recent Chatgenie extension reviews : Page 662

  • 4.12.2014

    Mocht je veel typen en vooral lange bedrijfsnamen, dan is dit een extensie die je niet wil missen. Ik typ nu bijvoorbeeld de letters MV en ik krijg automatisch Marco Vogelezang. Heerlijk!

  • 26.11.2014

    أداة رائعة جدا تغنيك عن إعادة الجمل التي تستخدمها دائما وتستطيع عمل اختصارات لها بسيطة جدا .. أنا أعطي هذه الأدارة 100% شكرا جزيلا

  • 22.11.2014

    On Facebook comments user shortcut with space will paste the clipboard and you will not able to use Backspace

  • 20.10.2014

    Sometimes it works, other times it does not. EDIT: I used this extension for years and it worked sometimes and not other times. Since the change to Magical, I’ve had very swift response in troubleshooting. The problem was resolved in a few minutes and I even learned that I can simply type: “//”, which brings up all the shortcuts in a pop up window. Fingers crossed it works smoothly from here on in. Thanks to the folks at Magical for your great help.

  • 9.6.2014

    Base bones compared to desktop clients (PhraseExpress & TextExpander), but works VERY well. There are features I am jonesing for, but not sure what the limitations are as a Chrome extension. Whatever the case, this has allowed me to make Chromebooks a viable workstation option.

  • 2.5.2014

    Excellent, works exactly as described. One of the best Chrome extensions I’ve used so far. Highly recommended.

  • 12.4.2014

    This is exactly what I was looking for to save gmail snippets. Tried several others and they are didn’t keep the formatting or simply didn’t work. Thanks for the excellent tool!

  • 9.3.2014

    Excelente, cumpre o que promete, completa todos os textos que você crie abreviações, basta criar a abr escrever o texto e clicar em backup show de bola.

  • 6.3.2014

    I love it, particularly for websites where I need to login with a full domain name. One of the best extensions - one of my top five.

  • 8.1.2014

    This is a great extension, if you have ever used Short Keys this is the answer to Short Keys in Linux. Bravo for doing this, love this extension I use it all the time.