Recent Chatgenie extension reviews : Page 663

  • 22.12.2013

    เยี่ยมมากๆ หามานานแล้ว แต่ก่อนใช้ text complete ของ FF แต่นี่ง่ายกว่าเยอะเลย แถมไม่ต้องกด แป้น พิเศษอะไรด้วย แต่เรื่อง macro ยังไม่เคยลอง ^^ สุดยอด !!!

  • 19.11.2013

    Incredibly helpful for work productivity. I suggest backing up (even with just a screen shot) your saved text blocks in case of a glitch.

  • 12.9.2013

    Amazing, awesome extension! I repeated myself a miliion times a day at work till I found this extension. I had tried two other that did not work, this one is flawless. The settings is easy to access, adding new shortcuts is a breeze, saving even better. Good job guys!

  • 27.7.2013

    I’ve been using shortcuts on my phone and outlook for years. The fact that it’s easy to set up and accessible makes it very useful. If you are using it for simple shortcuts or autocorrect such as “i” for I, don’t forget to add a space after “i” when setting it up. Unique shortcuts like “hgd” for “have a good day” wouldn’t require that.

  • 30.5.2013

    I was the original author of the AutoTextExpander extension, it was a fun side project, but after a while, when people really started relying on it and I had a day job, I didn’t have time to support it and it basically sat at a standstill for 5 years. Since I handed the extension to the Magical team, they’ve really done just an amazing job of giving it the attention and love it needed. It’s working in so many more sites and places, it looks better, has actual customer support, and has addressed a number of feature requests that people have had for a long time now! Massive thanks and props to the Magical team for bringing new life to the extension, and looking forward to seeing how it continues to grow. :)